Keith A. Kiner

Keith Kiner of PernaFrederick knows how to roll with the punches, which makes him a perfect fit for this entrepreneurial company. Keith spent the first half of his career using his marketing skills to help build start-up companies in the e-commerce and hospitality industries. He was elemental in their success, helping each company grow from just a vision to a provider of services for the largest hotels in the country. Keith’s appreciation for such start to finish projects makes him a natural for an industry that relies upon the ability to understand a client’s needs and ensure their fruition.

While many fear change, Keith embraces it, along with the challenges it brings. He derives satisfaction from assisting his clients with all aspects of a transaction, whether he’s renegotiating terms at their existing location to ensure they have the best deal possible, or being by their side every step of the way and sharing in the exciting process of selecting, renovating and settling into their new space. Keith has been with PernaFrederick since its inception in 2007.

Keith resides in Voorhees, NJ. Keith is a musician and an avid sports fan. He also has a taste for adventure, favoring skydiving as a way to spend his free time.

(215)-496-9675 ex. 115
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