PernaFrederick is young, but the Perna and Frederick partnership is not. Our principals spent ten years working together to build the brokerage services division of one of the region’s most successful real estate companies. Together, they learned that every company is unique, with distinct needs that call for flexibility and creative solutions.

Building upon their experience on both sides of the table — representing tenants and landlords — Steve Perna and Matt Frederick created a company that combines in-depth insight into the tenant’s priorities with a keen understanding of the landlord’s point of view, and the ability to provide the solutions to meet each client’s needs.

This unique model gives PernaFrederick a distinct advantage. PernaFrederick’s understanding of the real estate market, each client’s needs, and all of the players allows the firm to provide — tenants, landlords and investors — with the type of expert guidance that makes negotiations smoother, transactions more efficient, and garners win-win results.

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