To help your firm locate its ideal space in Philadelphia, PernaFrederick offers comprehensive Tenant Representation services for corporations, businesses and professional organizations. Through our extensive market knowledge, years of experience, and advanced technologies, we can help you with all your current and future commercial real estate needs. PernaFrederick Tenant Representation services are designed to provide strategic and cost-effective solutions that help you meet your business goals. Our services include consultation in all aspects of leasing and sales of commercial real estate and encompass the following:

  • Full Disclosure—Total access to market information, without conflict of interest 
  • Comprehensive Analysis—To understand all your current and future financial and spatial objectives 
  • Professional Representation—With years of experience, integrity and unmatched reputation 
  • Negotiating Leverage—Put our extensive deal experience to work for you
  • Team Coordination—Directing complimentary services (ie. space planning, construction management, relocation services)
  • Systematic Process—For maximum cost-effectiveness and efficiency

Rent is one of the largest expenses for most businesses. Choosing the right building and optimal space is a major decision, which will impact your bottom line. PernaFrederick begins by educating tenants about this investment so they can make their decisions from a place of knowledge. The firm then takes the burden off your shoulders, by forming a team with you and the necessary professionals (architects, contractors, lawyers) to ensure your success. From start to finish, PernaFrederick is your advocate and manages the process for you.

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